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How to maintain leather


- Leather strong absorption, should pay attention to anti-pollution, with particular attention to high-grade brushed leather.

-. Weekly with a dry towel wrung wet, gently wipe repeated several times.

- Leather stains with a clean wet sponge dip warm detergent wipe, and then let it dry naturally. Before you use it in an inconspicuous corner of the trial.

- As leather tipped drinks, should be sucking up immediately with a clean cloth or sponge, and wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry naturally, do not use hair dryer drum.

- If stained with grease, the cloth can be used to clean the remaining by its natural dissipation or detergent to clean, non-water scrubbing.

- Not to store leather goods in the sun, prolonged sun exposure, it will lead to the leather chapped and faded.

- Quality leather surface can not help but have minor injuries, so that minor injuries can by hand Hugh temperature and grease desalination.

-. Leather accidentally poured rain shall be placed after the water droplets drying ventilated dry shade can. Do not use fire drying or prolonged sun exposure to sunlight.

- Use leather care products before, a little test in the bag at the bottom or the inside of a less conspicuous place, to be determined before use in the entire leather.

- Leather inadvertently produce wrinkles, you can use the iron set to wool temperature and repeat cloth ironing.

- Leather on hardware maintenance, should use a dry cloth. Such as micro-oxidation, may try to gently rub the flour or toothpaste male metal can.

- Lacquered leather, only to use a soft cloth to wipe the can.

- Shiny leather maintenance, use a little leather special maintenance oil dip soft cloth, and then a little harder in the leather friction; matte leather maintenance, usually just cloth swab, if serious dirt, try to eraser-like rubber gently wipe removed.

-. Leather goods such as produce stains black spots can stick alcohol swab test material in the same color skin.